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For the installation of fire alarms, emergency lighting, electric gates and security systems in Bath, get in touch with Brigstowe Electrical Services.


With the security and safety in the mind of clients now more than ever before Brigstowe Electrical Services are pleased to offer customers a range of options to fulfil their requirements.

We offer a selection of systems that are tailored to the individual client.

Fire Alarms

Brigstowe Electrical Services install, service and maintain a large range of fire systems including wireless systems, conventional systems and more.

Whether you need a fire alarm system for a domestic property, business or industrial unit we are here to help.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are used to detect fires and prevent injuries or damage from fire and smoke. They can be fitted unobtrusively in domestic and commercial properties to either the mains or as standalone battery powered units.

Brigstowe Electrical Services are also approved NEST smoke alarm installers.


Knowing you have reliable emergency support systems gives peace of mind.

Emergency lighting is a back-up system that automatically operates in the event of a power cut in all common areas and escape routes to ensure occupants can find their way out of the building safely. We provide a comprehensive installation, maintenance and testing service and can offer advice regarding the best options for your premises.

CCTV Systems

We provide high quality and cost-effective solutions for all you CCTV requirements.

This can be a simple fixed camera system or a fully functional pan, tilt and zoom system that can be controlled on site or remotely.


Brigstowe Electrical Services can offer advice about which alarm system is best for you and your home including wired and wireless systems.

Most homeowner’s insurance providers offer discounts to homes with an intruder alarm system that is deemed to be of acceptable quality and grade.

Door Entry Systems

Brigstowe Electrical Services can assist you in selecting the perfect system for your property.

Throughout domestic properties, businesses, office blocks, commercial buildings and other facilities, door entry systems are commonly used as the first point of control to help monitor and control access throughout the property.


We offer various types of reliable advanced security lighting systems available operating on timers, switches or by remote control.

External security lighting is a low cost yet effective deterrent for burglars since it is known burglars are less likely to enter someone’s home when they have a bright light shining on them. Security lights even keep you safe by allowing you to see clearly and prevent you from tripping or falling if you do need to be outside after dark. Insurance companies like knowing people are investing in security measures because there is less likely to be a claim on their policy.

Once we have fitted your security lights, give your insurance company a call to see if they will lower your premiums. Security lights have a motion sensor where a movement will activate the light. These lights can also be set to a timer.

Outdoor LED security lighting is becoming the preferred choice. Not only are they very bright, they are extremely durable and have a much longer life span than traditional forms of halogen lighting. The other big benefit is that they are far cheaper to run than old forms of external lighting.

Electric Gates

Brigstowe Electrical Services install electric gates and access control systems.

We supply pedestrian and driveway electric gates combined with access control systems and electronic automation suited to both residential and commercial properties.

We design and install a full range of gates either individually designed or locally sourced.

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